DIY Wildflower Meadow

The idea of this blog is to give anyone interesting in creating a wild flower meadow to see the work involved, and of course let the community know what we are doing to enhance and improve this site.
One of the jobs for July has been to remove Dock seed heads and dig out Dock from the meadow as they are prolific seeders and the seed remains viable in the soil for many years.  With deep roots Dock are good for  carbon sequestration and they are also a good seed source for wildlife, and very much appreciate by Dock beetles but they can quickly spread out of control and dominate a meadow.  We are trying to do all Dock control without using pesticides. 
This project has been sponsored by Halton Lune Hydro Trust and Areti Charitable Foundation.  15 1 ton builders bags of Dock heads and roots have been removed from the site –  funding has enabled us to pay Carl Richardson to do that job for us.  We are really grateful to Lancaster City Council for allowing us to properly compost them on their site at  the Westgate Depot… they would have filled our yearly quota of green bins! 
 Thanks to our Trustee Tim Sarney for loading them all up for us.

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