Get Involved

Get Involved

To achieve our goal of restoring Hermitage Field to a species-rich meadow we need lots of help, from people with a variety of skills. We would therefore like to involve people from all parts of the community.

Volunteers, including scouts, school groups, families and community groups have already helped us in many ways, including removing weeds, sowing seed and growing and planting wild flowers.

A local company – One SC Media – has helped us design and manage this website.

Therefore, whether you want to get involved in planting and managing the meadow, or you have skills in others areas, such as fund-raising or publicity, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch. 

You can also help support our work by making a donation.

Your donation could help in many ways. For example:

£10 will buy gloves for volunteers

£15 will buy a long-handled trowel for planting plug plants

£20 will buy a rake

£50 will buy a kilogram of locally sourced meadow seed.

£130 will pay for a day’s work to manage the field.

£300 will pay for Insurance for a year to allow us to run our community events – see what we do on our Blog.

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Send us a message to get involved