Thank you to our Community Volunteers

We would like to say a big thank you to all our volunteers who donate time and energy to the meadow and have been doing so for much of the year. 

Our volunteers continue to grow plug plants in Lancaster City Council’s poly tunnels and plant out the plugs most weeks on to the meadow as part of the restoration process. 

We have also removed and composted 8 one-ton bags of Docks which were dominating the meadow. It will be interesting to see how the meadow responds next year. This is work we may have to undertake for many years in order to bring the Docks under control. Since we manage the meadow without any herbicides or pesticides we have to remove each Dock plant by hand, a very labour-intensive job!

We sowed Yellow-rattle seed in the autumn of 2021 in order to control the dense grass sward and the Rattle has grown superbly. We have been busy collecting seed for other areas of the meadow and this will be sown once the meadow has been cut at the end of August. 

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